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The Blood Stained Route Map Parts 1 and 2 (2002, English Subtitles)

January 27, 2013

Alternate Title: Blood-Stained Sketch Map

This film is unique in that it has been screened in South Korea twice. The first time came during the Jeonju International Film Festival from the 28. April – 6. May of 2005. It was screened along with fellow DPRK Films “Welcome to Pyongyang Animal Park” and “Spirit of Celadon”. The film was screened a second time on 1. July 2005, in front of the Seoul City Hall in preparation for the Daejong Film Festival.

The film is about three brothers who lived during ancient times. Their father kills himself after Japanese Raiders invade his island in search of the Golden Buddha. The father gives the last map of where the buddha is to his three sons, but only in three parts. The sons run away with the mother, bent on vengeance.


The youngest son, who thinks himself to be the only survivor of his family, goes on a quest to kill the Japanese man who helped to murder his father. He plans to do so at a competition where swords and the like are used, with a monk companion of his. He fails to do so, and ends up running away. He single handedly ambushes a caravan in the forest, thinking it to be the Jap, but discovering it is the noble daughter whom he met earlier. He tends to her, but the Jap ambushes him. He responds by impaling the Jap and leaving the noble daughter alone. Part 1 ends with him swearing revenge on a corrupt local Korean leader.

Chang-su Choe
Ryon-hwa Kim

Director: Phyo Kwang

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