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What is the DPRK Video Database?


What is the purpose of your site?
This channel’s purpose is to open the video of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (otherwise known as North Korea) to the public. We are not for or against the DPRK. Rather, we simply wish to give curious individuals a window into the hermit kingdom.

Currently, I am focusing on uploading DPRK movies and interesting clips from DPRK Movies with English subtitles onto the channel. Once that is done, I will move into other areas, such as DPRK movies with Russian and Spanish subtitles and/or other video, such as TV Footage and a documentary I am planning on producing with my footage taken inside of the country.

Do you take requests?
Unfortunately, I do not. I have a set library of videos that I am currently working to upload, and do not have a way to purchase more.

Do you have a list of all the titles you are planning to upload?
I will have it posted here soon. Stay tuned!

I have a video that I think you do not have. Can I post it on this channel?
Certainly! Contact me at: DPRKVideo at gmail dot com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I obtain a copy of a North Korean film?
If you have money to burn, I would suggest checking out north-korea-books dot com. They have a very wide selection of movies for your enjoyment. Otherwise, many newer and classic films can easily be bought in the DPRK itself, or sometimes in China.

Aren’t you supporting a horrible regime by posting these videos?
No. I am simply making the videos available to the public. This will allow them to judge things for themselves, rather than steer them towards a particular viewpoint. The philosophy of this channel is that knowledge is power, and that censuring things only leads to a closed mind and prejudice.

How do I travel to North Korea?
I would highly recommend Koryo Tours. They have been behind many initiatives to open up the country to foreigners and expose the people to outside influence. Plus, their tours are an experience you will never forget. There are also other alternatives, such as Korea Konsult. It also may be cheaper and easier to travel if you are a Chinese citizen.

Who are you?
I’m an individual who recently purchased several North Korean films during a trip to Pyongyang. If you want to find out more about me, check out my other two channels.

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  1. thanks for the site- we have a new film “Comrade Kim goes Flying” at various festivals now but not available. Nick at Koryo Group

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